Samsung Galaxy S6

1. From the Home screen, tap Email.
2. Tap Corporate.
3. Enter your MGHIHP email address and Partners password then tap Manual Setup.

4. Enter or verify the following information and then tap Next
5. Tap OK at the Activation prompt.
6. Tap Continue in you receive a certificarte warning.
7. Tap OK at the Remote Security Administration prompt.

8. Verify Sync SMS is unchecked and the tap Next at the Sync screen.
9. Tap Activate att the Activate Phone administrator prompt.
10. Select the desired Screen unlock method and follow the prompts, and then choose how you’d like to handle notifications when prompted.

11. Make sure the phone is plugged into a charger then tap Encrypt Phone.
12. Enter the PIN or password you just set and tap Encrypt Phone again.
13. The phone will now reboot and encrypt. Once complete the phone will reboot again and prompt you for your PIN during boot up, and again at the lock screen.

If you have any trouble configuring your device to receive email, please see a representative of the MGH Institute IT Department or you may contact the Partners helpdesk at 617-726-5085 for further assistance.