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The MGH Institute for Health Professions is located in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard. This ticket portal is for Information Technology, Campus Services and Library requests.

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Partners network password changes

On July 31, new password rules went into effect that help MGHers avoid making weak passwords that can be easily hacked.

The next time you are asked to change your MGH/Partners password, you won't be able to use a password that is too similar to a recently used password and you won’t be able to use any of the below common words in your password:

  • Boston-specific terms: Common words and phrases associated with Boston, like sports teams, including non-standard spelling (e.g., Patriots, P@triots, Celtics, C3ltics, etc.)
  • Partners-specific terms: Institution names or any variation of your username, including non-standard spelling (e.g., M@ssGener@l, Brigham, Brigh@m, etc.)
  • Top 500: The top 500 passwords people most commonly use (e.g., abc123, qwerty, 123456, etc.)
Scheduled Maintenance

On Friday, August 17th at 7am ET, the MGH Institute Intranet will be unavailable due to a planned upgrade. We anticipate this outage to last approximately 4 hours. If you need to access the Time-Off system during this down time please click here.

There will be scheduled downtime to ALL PHAROS NETWORK PRINTERS, Friday, August 17th during the morning hours for scheduled system upgrade. During this downtime users will not be able to print.

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