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Windows 10 Pro Encryption Instructions

Enabling BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 10 Pro

  1. Click Start and search for Control Panel
  2. From Control Panel select System and Security then select BitLocker Drive Encryption.

  3. Under the Operating system Drive section, Click"Turn on BitLocker"image

  4. Save your recovery key via one of the listed methods. Make sure you don't lose it!
    Saving it to your Microsoft Account is probably the easiest solution. If you decide to save the BitLocker recovery key to a file make sure you email that file to yourself save it somewhere off of the laptop.

  5. Select how much the drive space to encrypt: Encrypt used disk space only

  6. Choose New encryption mode (best for fixed drives on this device).image

  7. Make sure the checkbox for Run BitLocker system check is selected. 

  8. A pop-up will prompt you to restart the computer. Once you restart your computer it will begin the encryption process. 

You have now successfully completed the BitLocker encryption process!


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