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I'm Having Trouble Viewing Recordings in D2L When on Campus.
Users are experiencing issues when trying to view videos being served from D2L Capture, our streaming media server, while connected to the Partners network. Playback of video content is either intermittent or won't play at all.

Partners Information Systems firewall restrictions are currently blocking much of the traffic being served up by Amazon S3 could storage service. They are looking at potential solutions but at this time, a fix is not imminent.

A workaround for students would be to temporarily switch to the phspiaguest network to view the videos. The guest network does not have the same firewall restrictions in place as phswifi3 does and while the guest network's speeds are slower than phswifi3, it has the bandwidth to stream these videos.

Users shouldn't experience any issues trying to access videos from elsewhere (like at home). This issue is limited only to the Partners network.

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